Thierry Alen

Business IT Consultancy

Business Development

Zaandamse Zorg B.V.

Content manager websites Holland-APO and PilleAbo both part of  Allegra Service Apotheek

Content Management

holland-apo website

07 2018 – 02 2020

For Zaandam Zorg BV I took over the content management for the website Holland-APO and PilleAbo both part of the Allegra Service Pharmacy. The task was mainly to rewrite product-specific texts, look up the right product images and model sales prices in relation to the competition.

The request came from one of the former employees of coVoIP, Dennis Evers. Dennis was aware of my experience with NOPcommerce and my knowledge of the German language. The assignment was not limited to rewriting and checking texts, the assignment also included researching and editing SEO (search engine) friendly texts.